Welcome to Intentional Living Magazine


This is the beginning of  a project entitled Intentional Living Magazine (IL).  From this point, IL will be a free e-zine focusing on, well, living intentionally. That is to say find the purpose for your life, being the person whom you are, living the life you love, in essence living in joy and harmony as the being that you were created to be.  Here is what we have as the “About Us” page.

“Who we are.

Right now there is movement brewing that is breaking out from current assumption on how to live in this world. The movement is an unassociated loose group that spans the globe. They seem to elude labels. Their age is from teens into 80s. Their color is rainbow. Their income, religion and status is across the board. The one thing they have in common is that they all have taken “the red pill”. They have studied and are studying fundamental assumptions of who we are, where we are in time and space and how we live as a culture. Those in the movement asks the question, “is there a better way?” They believe there is and it is called living intentionally.

The short story HAVE > DO > BE or BE > DO > HAVE

Western-rooted cultures live in a HAVE > DO > BE mindset. We are steeped in it from the womb to the point of our subconscious behaviours. It goes like this: We need to have, so that we can do, in order to be the people of which we dream. For example, have the money to get the house, car and retirement plan to buy (do) more things or activities so that we can be content or secure. Have the job, do the work, be happy. In short, to experience the emotion of [pleasant feeling, add your favorite emotion here], we need something beyond what we possess.

Is that so? Could “Be>Do>Have, be a plausible option? Could it be that we can control our emotions and be happy on the front end, regardless of our situation? Could those pleasant thoughts and experiences with good feelings affect our behaviours, which in turn affect our choices and outcomes?

We have been given life and the tools to live it abundantly. Many of those tools have never been touched and lay in our tool bag. It’s time to look in the tool bag.

Our Purpose

Intentional Living Magazine is about applied philosophy of this sort. We all recognize that global economic changes seem to be moving at a hyperbolic rate. We all are seeing that, with the rapid shrinkage of the middle class, vast number of families are finding their dreams dissolving and their lives turn on its head. All of the rules for which we have been conditioned no longer apply. Many of us are lost in a cloud of confusion.

Intentional living offers direction of another sort. We bring you articles, interviews, podcasts and links offer direction on a fundamental level and examples of how others are finding fulfillment and overcoming obstacles. WARNING: We will challenge what you have been taught in school, in advertizements and “the media”. Intentional living is about taking control of your world within to achieve purposeful life. It is about self-discovery, purpose, empowerment and control. Intentional Living is a way to live.

For that reason, IL Magazine article are broad in scope covering many concepts including health and food, economics, vocations, literature, poetry, sports and more. Regardless of the article, our goal is that you will see that you are the author of your life, that you can experience joy, peace and harmony in trying times and that it is your mindset that will control your outcomes. However, to achieve those results, you may need to pick up one of your unused tools in your tool bag and practice using it.

We hope that you will enjoy being with us!”

Intentional Living Magazine©

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